energy grounding copper coil

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This orgone device is made simply from copper, the coil design is made so as to attract energy and all so to release energy via running water, the propose and use of it is to attract the negative energy from the body and to release in it into running water from the tap,

It was observed by willhem reich that water has the greatest potential of any element on earth to store chi energy positive and negative, he also found out using metal is a very direct way or attracting and repelling chi energy, so this combination of metal and water has a very similar effect as the cloud buster,

The cloud buster was used to attract and to release the very high amounts of stagnant chi in the environment, this copper coil system will help to draw out the negative chi from the body and to help to get positive chi flowing again.

In the environment that we live today it is a lot more difficult of us to release the excess chi that we carry with us, before we had a lot more contact with the elements such as being near streams or walking bare foot or just being out in a very healthy balanced environment such as forests and mountains, so instead of us being able to naturally let go of the chi,, we store in up like a reserve.

By releasing the excess chi back into the environment or own chi will be able to balance itself out more naturally leading to a more ground body and a freer energy body.

By holding this in you hand a letting the water flow true the center it will draw the excess energy that you may be carrying, i have been using this for a few mounts and find it very effective at balancing and grounding my body. if you are interested in purchasing one of these you are welcome to try it out for a few weeks and if you don't feel the benefits i will happily refund you.

When using this device it is good to only use it for short amounts of time such as one or two minuets if you feel your heart beat rising it is good to stop for a while.This is just a sing the you are releasing energy quite quickly.


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