Orgone Accumulator

EUR 250.00

The Orgone Accumulator


This Orgone Accumulator has been built using the original method as designed by Wilhelm Reich.


The outer frame is untreated wood, the inner layers are made up of sheep's wool and steel wool.


The Orgone Accumulator was first built by Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s, he discovered that by layering organic and inorganic material together it is possible to attract large amounts of Chi energy, this energy he gave the named Orgone.


The Orgone Accumulator attracts the Orgone energy and accumulates it into the center of the Accumulator box.


This Accumulator is designed so to be use for charging food and as a Orgone Shooter Box.


An Orgone shooter box is designed to accumulate Orgone energy and direct it via a tube to treat a area on the body. The shooter box is also a original invention of Wilhelm Reich and was used in conjunction with the large Orgone Accumulator.


This Accumulator has been built so as to be affordable and easily transported. It also includes an attachment so the accumulator can be used as a shooter box.


In the box you will also receive a book written by Wilhelm Reich.



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